Ultimate Guide to Savings by Store

There are discounts and deals to be had in almost any store, this guide makes sure that you know all that is available to take advantage of and never leave money on the table again.

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Who is Danni?

Danni Ackerman has made eBay a part of her life since 1998. Her user id is Udderlygoodstuff where she specializes in Antiques and collectibles but sells all sorts of things found in thrift stores, yard sales, estate sale, and auction houses. She is also the founder of The Danni App where she teaches and coaches others to sell on eBay as well as motivate and consult with established sellers. She has a weekly newsletter and radio show called Ask the Danni App. She's a mother of 4, including an autistic son, so she understands juggling work and family and what it takes to be a successful online seller

Who is Kat?

Kat Simpson is the consummate bargain hunter, honing her skills since she was a young child attending yard sales with her mother. Kat is a serial entrepreneur, with business on eBay, Amazon, and several other eCommerce platforms. Kat is the main breadwinner supporting her family with her eCommerce business since 1997. Kat now maintains an active blogging presence sharing her knowledge and experiences on her new blog THAT Kat and as a guest author on numerous other blogs. Kat invites you to stop by her blog to keep up to date on all the changes in the ever evolving landscape of eCommerce.